Saturday, March 14, 2009

grocery shopping night

Ok so since I have been budgeting money for groceries a lot better I have still been struggling with getting the money to last a whole 2 weeks! Lately it seems like almost every daytime talk show as well as the local news has been having specials on ways to save money. The other day I was watching Oprah and she had some tv chefs come on show families ways they could cut their food bills. Got some good recipes, like ultimate sloppy joe's! Anyway, almost all the chefs said you need to go to store with a plan.

Im usually pretty good about knowing what I want to get and making somewhat of a list. but this week I decided to write down exactly what meals I wanted to make for the next two weeks and then continued to make a detailed list of exactly what i needed. I went online and looked through my coupons to see what I could get good deals on and then starred the items that had a coupon for them.

I also decided I would wait till my hubby was home so I could go to the store by myself without my darling 18month old son. I needed to make sure I wasnt distracted so i could find what was on sale from the ads i had looked on on hyvee's website earlier that week and also i could keep a running tab with my calculator or how much i was spending.

I have got to say it was probably the most successful grocery shopping trip Ive ever had! I got some pretty awesome deals on stuff and got a boat load of food!

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