Thursday, March 19, 2009

old navy weekly resets tonight!

Dont forget tonight the deals reset! so be on the look out for those high value coupons! im hoping to snag a good one this week since ive been unsuccessful in the past! happy hunting!

I just signed up with and place my first order with

Im really excited to see how everything goes. I got a $10 off deal and free shipping.

this time i ordered diapers for my son so they were bigger sizes but i will be getting them for the same price i pay at costco only i will get them delivered to my door by tomorrow! yay!

and i also have a $14.97 mail in rebate. im hoping this works and then i will have gotten my diapers for 15 cents a diaper! what a steal!

if anyone is interested in trying out you can use my referral code: CXUP4490 and get $10 off your first purchase! also if you spend $49 (before your $10 off) you can get free shipping!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patrick's day!

ok here is a link to Moms By Heart this is a GREAT link for anyone looking for good freebies!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Snuggle Creme coupon!

I am watching Dancing with the Stars and just saw an ad for the new snuggle creme line and they are offering a $2 off coupon here! check it out!

some of my fav. deal sights!

ok so i thought i would post some of my fav. sights to get deals at so people can follow them instead of me always repeating what other blogs are already saying!

if you have any others to add i would love to have you share them!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

grocery shopping night

Ok so since I have been budgeting money for groceries a lot better I have still been struggling with getting the money to last a whole 2 weeks! Lately it seems like almost every daytime talk show as well as the local news has been having specials on ways to save money. The other day I was watching Oprah and she had some tv chefs come on show families ways they could cut their food bills. Got some good recipes, like ultimate sloppy joe's! Anyway, almost all the chefs said you need to go to store with a plan.

Im usually pretty good about knowing what I want to get and making somewhat of a list. but this week I decided to write down exactly what meals I wanted to make for the next two weeks and then continued to make a detailed list of exactly what i needed. I went online and looked through my coupons to see what I could get good deals on and then starred the items that had a coupon for them.

I also decided I would wait till my hubby was home so I could go to the store by myself without my darling 18month old son. I needed to make sure I wasnt distracted so i could find what was on sale from the ads i had looked on on hyvee's website earlier that week and also i could keep a running tab with my calculator or how much i was spending.

I have got to say it was probably the most successful grocery shopping trip Ive ever had! I got some pretty awesome deals on stuff and got a boat load of food!

Friday, March 13, 2009

here's a great deal on fresh fruit!

at they have a 75 cent off coupon for a whole del monte pineapple! i buy pineapple like twice a month...its been a craving of mine this pregnancy and fresh fruit coupons and few and far between!

My first coupon trip!

ok so i went out this morning for my first coupon deal shopping trip. and i must say it feels pretty good to have saved $20 off my purchase! I chose to go just to WalMart to keep things simple for my first time. here's the deals i got.

Huggies Gentle Care Diapers $9.72 a pack for 44 size 1 diapers

I used my $5 off coupon from

= $4.72 a pack which ends up to be 12 cents a diaper!

I had three coupons so I got 3 packs and spent $29.16-$15.00= $14.16 total!

then I had a $2 coupon for Johnson & Johnson bedtime bath.

I got a 15oz. bottle for $4.37-2.00= $2.37 total!

I also had the $3 off coupon on for the natural fit diaper product and they let me use it for wipe that cost only $2.36 so I made a profit of $0.64! that one was probably my favorite!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i dont know about anyone else, but i am going stir crazy waiting for old navy to update their website! trying to see if i can be the lucky few to get a $75 off $100 or more coupon! i will keep you posted if i get anything!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dunkin's Donuts FREE SAMPLE!

ok this is me officially starting my deals blog!

saw a commercial on tv last night for a free sample of dunkin' donuts if you just go HERE and register they will send you a sample in the mail in 6-8wks...when i signed up last night they only had the Dunkin' Dark kind left, they were out of their Original Blend. Still a really great deal for all you coffee drinkers out there!